Samuel George Morton

Samuel George Morton Samuel George Morton (January 26, 1799 – May 15, 1851) was an American physician, natural scientist, and writer who argued against the single creation story of the Bible, monogenism, instead supporting a theory of multiple racial creations, polygenism.

He was a prolific writer of books on various subjects from 1823 to 1851. He wrote ''Geological Observations'' in 1828, and both ''Synopsis of the Organic Remains of the Cretaceous Group of the United States'' and ''Illustrations of Pulmonary Consumption'' in 1834. His first medical essay, on the user of cornine in intermittent fever, in 1825 was published in the ''Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences''. His bibliography includes ''Hybridity in Animals and Plants'' (1847), ''Additional Observation on Hybridity'' (1851), and ''An Illustrated System of Human Anatomy'' (1849). Provided by Wikipedia