Aarons, Alex A.
Note Drama
Database Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue
Information This record describes a photograph. A small number of the photographs from this collection have been digitized. Use the Digital Library link below to search for a digital copy. If no copy exists, you may request that the photograph be digitized for a fee by our Rights and Reproductions service.
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Format Photo
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hierarchy_top_title Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue
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id prm-101342
primary_name_txt Aarons, Alex A.
title_sort Aarons, Alex A.
author_sort Aarons, Alex A.
prm_name_txt Aarons, Alex A.
primary_surname_txt Aarons
note_txt Drama
box_number_txt 146
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box_title_txt AALTON -- ADAMS, HARRY
format Photo
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