St. David's Church (Radnor, Pa.) records

The records of St. David’s Church span three hundred years, from 1706 to 2006, with some materials lacking dates. The bulk of the collection dates to the late twentieth century. The records offer insight into the activities of the parishioners, the responsibilities of the different parish committe...

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Corporate Author: St. David's Church (Radnor, Pa.) (Creator)
Collection:St. David's Church (Radnor, Pa.) Records
Collection Number:1478
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001 ead-1478
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099 |a 1478 
110 2 |a St. David's Church (Radnor, Pa.)  |e creator 
245 1 |a St. David's Church (Radnor, Pa.) records  |f circa 1706-2008 
300 |a 15.0 Linear feet  |f ; 30 boxes, 34 volumes, 15 flat files 
351 |b Series I. Administration, ca. 1706-2005 a. Registers, ca. 1706-2001 b. Vestry Committee, 1737-2005, undated c. Other committees, 1713-2005, undated d. Financial and legal, 1791-2004, undated e. Clergy Files, [1714]-2005, undated f. Miscellaneous, 1871-2003, undated Series II. Parish history, ca. 1740-2003, undated Series III. Sermons of Rev. Thomas G. Clemson, 1821-2001 Series IV. Printed materials and images, ca. 1811-2006, undated  
500 |a Processing Information: Box 21 contains sermons from Series 3 that are still in need of extensive conservation and are not serviceable to researchers. 
506 |a The collection is open for research. 
520 |a The records of St. David’s Church span three hundred years, from 1706 to 2006, with some materials lacking dates. The bulk of the collection dates to the late twentieth century. The records offer insight into the activities of the parishioners, the responsibilities of the different parish committees and groups (e.g., the vestry), the tenures of the clergy persons, and the history of the church. The records have been divided into four series – Administration, Parish history, Sermons of Thomas G. Clemson, and Printed materials and images. The majority of the collection can be found in the administration series and the smallest amount of materials is found in the parish history series. The collection totals thirty boxes, with the originally- processed portion in Boxes 1 to 22 and recently-proccessed additions in Boxes 23 to 30; thirty-four volumes; and fifteen flat files. The first series, Administration, is comprised of six subseries (Registers; Vestry committee; Other committees; Financial and legal; Clergy files; Miscellaneous) and spans 1706 to 2005. It represents the largest and most comprehensive series in the collection. The registers encompass the parish’s service records, registers of the different ceremonies performed at the church (e.g., marriages, baptisms), and guest registers, which contain visitor information. The vestry committee records as well as the third subseries of other committees are comprised mainly of meeting minutes and a small amount of correspondence. The fourth subseries in Administration consists of a small amount of financial and legal papers pertaining to the church. The fifth subseries, Clergy files, is a record of many of the clergy persons who have held positions at St. David’s Church for three centuries. The files are in alphabetical order according to clergy person and the materials and biographies appear to have been compiled around 2002. The last subseries contains miscellaneous items including architectural papers, correspondence, and donations and memorials for the church. Books, other printed materials, and notes on the history of St. David’s Church have been placed in the second series, Parish history. Two figures are represented among these materials, Francis James Dallett, and Henry Pleasants, both of whom compiled notes on the history of the church and published works about St. David’s. Of note is Dallett’s research concerning Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who wrote a poem about his visit to the church in the nineteenth century. The papers concerning several parish anniversary celebrations have been placed in this series. The third series, Sermons of Thomas G. Clemson, is comprised of five boxes of Clemson’s sermons mainly from 1859 to 1881 and several letters from the late twentieth century discussing his sermons. There are a group of sermons that are in poor condition and, since they need further repairs, are not available for research at this time. Printed materials and images consists mainly of the publications of St. David’s Church – The Record, Newsletter, and The Dove. There is also a great number of photographs in this series, mostly of the exterior and interior of the church from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A scrapbook containing pictures of the church and articles about the church created by Francis James Dallett in 1978 has been placed in this series. Other pictures in this series are scanned photographs from parish events. Most of the materials in this collection, including vestry minutes, the publications, photographs, donations and memorials information, and the clergy files, have been saved to compact discs (Boxes 22 and 30). Many of these CDs were most likely created in 2002 in preparation for the donation of some materials to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania by a parish committee. They have been placed in this series.  
520 |a The cornerstone for St. David’s Church was laid in 1715 by a group of Welsh settlers in what is currently Radnor Township. During the Revolutionary War, the parish faced turmoil and the absence of a minister for the parishioners. By 1788, the parish once again had leadership, and in 1792, Reverend William Currie incorporated the parish and drew up a charter. The parish continued to grow as railroad lines brought urban dwellers to areas like Radnor that surrounded Philadelphia. For the next century, the parish would erect buildings to accommodate its constituency, providing the parishioners with a new rectory, chapel, parish house, and education building. Currently, the church attends to the religious needs of over one thousand families and holds many events, including an annual fair and auction. The records of St. David’s Church span from 1706 to 2006 and offer insight into the activities of the parishioners and history of the church in Radnor, Pennsylvania. This collection consists of meeting minutes, correspondence, clergy profiles, sermons, histories of the parish, publications, and a variety of images of the church and events. The majority of the records relate to the various church committees, especially the vestry committee, and the sermons of Reverend Thomas G. Clemson.  
524 8 |a Cite as: [Indicate cited series or item here], St. David’s Church (Radnor, Pa.) Records (Collection 1478), The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 
541 1 |a Early records dating from 1705-1961 were deposited by St. David's Church in 1947 and 1961. Remaining records are gifts of of the church, c/o John Montgomery, 2001-2010. Accession numbers: 010402.10, 2004.035, 2005.113, 2006.048, 2010.064  
544 |a At the Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Francis J. Dallett Papers. Collection 3046. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts Papers. Collection 1086. St. David's Church, Radnor PA, records, 1706-1895 [transcriptions] (call number De2E) Transcriptions of St. David's records, 1706-1895, on microfilm (number XCh 562) Correspondence relating to St. David's Church, Radnor, Pennsylvania (call number GEN Z36)  
545 |a At the end of the seventeenth century, Welsh settlers had begun to settle the land in what is now Radnor, Pennsylvania. These Welsh settlers were followers of the Church of England and were left without a minister to lead them in services. On September 2, 1700, the first service of the parish was led by a missionary named William Davis, who was sent by the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts. When he returned to England, the community petitioned the Society for a Welsh-speaking minister and religious books. Reverend John Clubb was appointed the missionary to Radnor Oxford and the cornerstone for the church was laid May 9, 1715. The parish experienced internal strife several decades after its founding when war broke out between the colonies and England. The pastor at the time was Reverend William Currie, who felt compelled to follow the doctrine of the Church of England even as his parishioners, including his sons and General Anthony Wayne, took up arms against England. He soon found he was unable to ignore the opposition of even his family members, and Currie resigned in 1776. St. David’s Church found itself without a minister during the Revolutionary War. By 1788, Reverend Slator Clay was the pastor of St. David’s Church as well as St. Peter’s Church and St. James’ Church. Clay also sought the incorporation of the parish and drew up a charter in 1792. The parish continued to grow as it entered the nineteenth century, and the parish’s first school was established in 1820; this was also the first year for confirmation services conducted by Bishop William White. Then in the 1830s, the expanding railroads changes the make-up of the parish. More urban parishioners were now able to attend services at St. David’s Church, so a new rectory was built in 1844, making this the first addition to the parish structures since the establishment of the church. In 1924, a parish house with room for the school was added to the church grounds, and then enlarged in 1950. The construction done in 1950 occurred during the tenure of Reverend John Knewstub, who served as rector of St. David’s Church until 1966. Following the construction of the parish house, a chapel and the Knewstub building (an education facility) were erected in 1956 and 1965, respectively. 1965 was the same year that the parish celebrated its 250th anniversary, which included a visit from the bishop of St. David’s Church in Wales. Currently St. David’s parishioners number over one thousand families.  
555 |a Finding Aid Available Online:  
600 1 7 |a Clemson, Thomas G. (Episcopalian minister).  |2 NACO Authority File 
600 1 7 |a Dallett, Francis James  |d 1927-.  |2 NACO Authority File 
600 1 7 |a Hughes, Griffith  |d b. 1706 or 1707.  |2 NACO Authority File 
600 1 7 |a Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth  |d 1807-1882.  |2 NACO Authority File 
600 1 7 |a Pleasants, Henry.  |2 NACO Authority File 
600 1 7 |a Wayne, Anthony  |d 1745-1796.  |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a Episcopal Church – Clergy  |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a Episcopal Church – Pennsylvania  |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Great Britain)  |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a St. David’s Church (Radnor, Pa.) - History   |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a St. David’s Church (Radnor, Pa.) – Anniversaries, etc  |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a St. David’s Church (Radnor, Pa.) – Articles of incorporation  |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a St. David’s Church (Radnor, Pa.) – By-laws  |2 NACO Authority File 
610 2 7 |a St. David’s Church (Radnor, Pa.) – In literature  |2 NACO Authority File 
650 0 |a Cemeteries–-Pennsylvania. 
650 0 |a Church bulletins. 
650 0 |a Church records and registers—Pennsylvania. 
650 0 |a Church--Anniversaries, etc. 
650 0 |a Church--Archives. 
650 0 |a Church--Articles of Incorporation. 
650 0 |a Church--By-laws. 
650 0 |a Church--Registers. 
650 0 |a Episcopalians--Sermons. 
650 0 |a Episcopalians--Social life and customs. 
650 0 |a Marriage records--Pennsylvania. 
650 0 |a Registers of births, etc.--Pennsylvania. 
650 0 |a Religious architecture--19th century. 
650 0 |a Religious architecture--20th century. 
650 0 |a Selling cemetery lots –- 20th century. 
650 0 |a Vestry papers. 
650 0 |a Welsh Americans--Pennsylvania. 
651 0 |a Pennsylvania--Religion--18th century. 
651 0 |a Pennsylvania--Religion--19th century. 
651 0 |a Pennsylvania--Religion--20th century. 
651 0 |a Pennsylvania--Religious life and customs. 
651 0 |a Radnor (Pa.) – History. 
651 0 |a Wayne (Pa.). 
852 |a The Historical Society of Pennsylvania  |b St. David's Church (Radnor, Pa.) Records  |l 1478 
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