James Webster

James Webster may refer to:

* James Webster (Australian politician) (born 1925), former Senator of Australia * James Webster (rugby league) (born 1979), rugby league player for Widnes Vikings * James Webster (musicologist), musicologist on the faculty of Cornell University * James Webster (American football) (born 1950), head college football coach for the Tennessee State University Tigers * James Webster (officer), officer who served under Cornwallis in the American War of Independence in Battle of Camden * James Webster (wrestler), freestyle featherweight wrestler who participated in Wrestling at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Men's freestyle featherweight * James Webster (Canada West politician) (1808–1869), MLA for Canada West and co-founder of Fergus, Ontario * James Jefferson Webster (1898–1965), American politician, farmer, and businessman * James Lockhart Webster (1885–1948), Canadian politician * James Webster (priest) (1734–1804), Archdeacon of Gloucester Provided by Wikipedia
Author: Webster, James, 1803-1854.
Published 1827
Record Source: Published Materials