Charles Bingham Penrose

Charles Bingham Penrose (February 1, 1862 – February 28, 1925) was an American gynecologist who invented the surgical drain known as the Penrose drain. Born in Philadelphia, Penrose was the son of a medical school professor and his brothers included Pennsylvania state senator Boies Penrose and geologist Spencer Penrose. The grandson of prominent politician Charles B. Penrose, he married into the wealthy Drexel family of the same city. Penrose was an early advocate for the use of drainage tubes in abdominal surgery.

After he contracted tuberculosis in 1891, Penrose left Pennsylvania for Wyoming, hoping that the change in climate would restore his health. While he was there, he became involved in the Johnson County War and was nearly lynched. He returned to Philadelphia after the incident. He established a zoological laboratory at the Philadelphia Zoo, the first such laboratory at a U.S. zoo. Penrose was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1911, and he died in 1925. Provided by Wikipedia
Published 1843
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Published 1830
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