Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps

Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps (July 15, 1793 – July 15, 1884) was a 19th-century American educator, author, and editor. Though she primarily wrote regarding nature, she also was a writer of novels, essays, and memoir.

Phelps was a native of Connecticut. Her long and active life was devoted to the education of young women. She published several popular science textbooks in the fields of botany, chemistry, and geology. Some of her works worthy of special commemoration include, ''The Blue Ribbon Society''; ''The School Girls Rebellion''; ''Christian Households''; ''Familiar Lectures on Botany''; ''Our Country and its Relation to the Present, Past and Future''; and ''The Fireside Friend''. Her views on topics ranging from elocution to corsets are contained in ''Lectures to Young Ladies, Comprising Outlines and Applications of the Different Branches of Female Education for the User of Female Schools, and Private Libraries''. Provided by Wikipedia